About us

Jordan Davis along with wife Amerah created Cute Reclaim after their young son Cameron, born in December of 2020, was growing at a rate the clothes from the baby shower couldn’t keep up with. As first-time parents they saw the problem created with not only always needing bigger clothes, they also always had tons of clothes that no longer fit. Cute Reclaim was born and the family business had begun with Jordan and Amerah running the company and support from various family members for sourcing quality used children’s clothing.

Parents across the world, especially first timers, find themselves in a never-ending cycle of buying, using, and then storing their children’s clothing and accessories as their babies grow at a rapid pace. With Cute Reclaim parents are constantly receiving clothes that grow with their child and are afforded the opportunity to return the items that no longer fit them for a credit! This allows parents to avoid the hassle of shopping through the endless pit that is the world of baby fashion and receive clothing hand-picked for their child taking into account interests, favorites, and many other categories we will use to determine the proper items for each child. The Cute Reclaim system also clears up the worry of building mountains of baby clothes that no longer fit, while receiving money back on those items is a financial plus for any parent, the returned clothes (in proper condition) can be re used by other parents taking advantage of the Cute Reclaim system!