Subscription & returns

Subscription policy

When you subscribe for either a monthly or quarterly (3 month) subscription box you are free to change or cancel the subscription after 2 billing cycles with your initial purchase included.  This means you must receive your first box as well as the second box before making a change or cancelling.  You will still be credited for returned re-usable items as stated in the credit program regardless of change or cancellation.

Return policy

If you are unhappy with any of the items in your box we will gladly exchange them for another item at no cost to you and a note will be made by your personal agent as to the reason for the return to ensure it never happens again.  In the unlikely event you receive an item that does not meet our no stain guarantee we will not only credit you for an additional item but send you a replacement item at no cost to you. Refunds for entire boxes are handled on a case to case basis by your personal agent and we are happy to learn why you are unhappy with the box/items you received.  Please contact with any further questions/concerns.