Credit Program

Credit program: The credit provided for re assignable returned items will be $0.75 per item. The requirements for re assignable items is as follows, No Stains after our machine wash. No scented detergent used on item. No color loss. No rips, tears or holes. Item has not shrunk. Certain items are not re assignable and will be described in the next section.


Re assignable items: re assignable items are limited to outfit pieces described as onesies/shirts/shorts/pants. Cute Reclaim branded onesies/shirts are non-credited re assignable items and it is customers choice on whether to keep or return. Items such as socks, shoes, toys, and accessories are non re assignable items and will not receive a credit if returned unless due to defect/replacement.


Product life cycle: The unique aspect of Cute Reclaim is the re assignment of quality children’s clothes. Most parents will tell you their child was able to wear outfits once or twice before they had outgrown it. With Cute Reclaim the parents will receive new clothes that fit while sending back the old ones to be re assigned, giving our product life cycle a wide scope. Some clothes will be unable to be re assigned due to stains or damage, the customer will receive a deduction on their credit for these items, while some clothes may be re assigned multiple times before they are retired and donated to children in need.