What ages are eligible for a box?

Currently we can provide subscription boxes from newborn to 3T.  We do plan on adding another line for older children to continue to grow up in the Cute Reclaim family.

What if I live in a cold/hot climate?

Your personal agent will see to it that all items received are climate/region appropriate based on the information you give.

My child has fabric allergies.

Another reason why our personal agents are so great!  You will be asked multiple times to disclose any allergies to any potential material we could include in your box, any materials we must avoid is no problem at all! 

What if my child outgrows the box faster than my subscription setting?

Reach out to your personal agent or email us at Support@cutereclaim.com and we can get you a new box ASAP as well as get your outgrown items credited.

I was not credited for some outgrown items.

The item may not have met our re-assignable item qualifications and therefore was not credited.  Please reference our Credit program to see what qualifies.  any further questions email Support@cutereclaim.com or reach out to your personal agent. 

Further questions?

Email Support@cutereclaim.com